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Our Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

We repair and replace all makes and models of toilets and faucets. We will always offer options and attempt a repair prior to making replacement recommendations. Our preferred options for toilets are Toto and American standard, and Moen and Delta for faucets.

Hot Water HEaters

A leaky water heater can sometimes be a frightening event. Barret Plumbing and Drain can repair or replace you water heater usually the same day you call! We love the energy efficiency and longevity that you will get from our tankless water heaters. We install Navien and trutankless.

Drain Cleaning

Drain is in our name and a big part of our business. Drain is in our name and a big part of our business! We have all of the latest technology to ensure your drains are always flowing great! From camera inspections to hydrojetting to snaking, we got you covered! Let us restore that sluggish kitchen sink drain to like new!

water filtration

We all know that access to clean, fresh water is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, and filtering our water ensures that this is achieved. Most water filters remove harmful chemicals and bacteria, which if consumed can cause diseases and general ill-health, all while protecting the health of your plumbing system and fixtures.

Gas Piping

Are you wanting to run gas to your to bbq, fire pit, or range? We have all the proper certifications to safely run new gas lines through your home to virtually anywhere you want! Safety is of the utmost importance so we make sure to test all new systems and have inspections performed. If you ever smell gas in your home, exit the home and call 911 or your local gas company.

Sewer REpair

Keeping a sealed and fully operational sewer system is crucial to ensure the safety and health of your home and family. we can repair your sewer lines, in the wall, outside and even under the foundation!


Have you always wanted to remodel that bathroom? unsure who to call? We have completed hundreds of projects ranging from single bathroom remodels, to complete home renovations. we can get you hooked up with lots of other licensed contractors to complete your next project!